Shell Island: Our "Mini" Adventure

I'm not really the adventurous kind of gal. I'd much rather be at home with a great book or cuddled up with my little family watching Disney movies. And I really just love my PJ's. 

But when opportunity presents itself, my adventurous side occasionally kicks in.
Basically, I'm Bilbo Baggins (for all your nerdy book readers like me out there).

Most of ya'll don't care about pictures of the beach. You can Google ten times better pictures than the ones here. But one day, my little Oliver will be old enough to value these pictures. These are precious moments to me, and I hope they can, if only for a moment, help you think of your happy place too, wherever that may be.

So I present to you, Shell Island: Our "Mini" Adventure

Anyone have any favorite vacation spots around Georgia/Alabama/Florida? I know my little family's new favorite is definitely Shell Island in Florida!


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