It Won't Be Like This For Long

Being a mom is such an underrated job. Before I had Oliver, I knew that motherhood was a hard job, but I have never been able to fully understand how hard it is until now. Even when Oliver was just a tiny infant, I still really had no idea how tough this job could be. With a walking-talking-mess-making-tantrum-throwing 11 month old, I am starting to get a better idea of what it really takes to be not just a mother, but a mommy. 

Ever since Monday, poor Oliver has been struck with a bad snot nose which has severely lowered his happiness level. SEVERELY. Which has also severely lowered my level of happiness as well.
Ya, it's blurry, but now you can see what my week has truly looked like. Poor little guy.

We keep saying that it's teething. And Lord help us if he is, because it'll be his 9th tooth. At 11 months old. Holy moly. 

After a long week of Andrew being in school more than normal because of upcoming finals, we decided to take a break and head the park.

Despite the not-so-great week of tantrums and constant nose-wiping, we managed to have a little bit of fun. 

Sometimes when I think I just can't take anymore of the chaos, I have to slow down and take a look at the bigger picture. 

Darius Rucker says it best in his song "It Won't Be Like This For Long"

I have to remind myself when this sweet baby is crying for his mommy that one day he'll rather "suck it up" and "be a man" other than go to me for snuggles and loves. One day I'll have to tell him to keep his distance from girls or not-so-great friends instead of the lamp or the TV. One day he'll be begging me for cooler clothes and shoes in place of fighting to put a clean diaper on. 

One day I'm gonna miss this snot-nose wobbly-walking kiddo, so I'm trying to take in every second I can get, no matter how chaotic it all seems to get. 

Sometimes it's hard to look at the bigger picture in the tough situations we find ourselves in. But it sure can make all the work, sweat, and tears seem worth the while. 


Feel free to comment and share your experiences and stories! 

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