Mormons and their Temples

(Photography by Tayli Stowers)
On Sunday, Andrew and I will be celebrating two wonderful years of marriage. I am going to take 3 seconds to brag about my wonderful husband before I dive into the real topic. 

One of the biggest reasons I married Andrew is because he makes me laugh. His happiness is contagious and the Lord knew I would need someone that could always brighten my day when I was down, someone who could make a joke after we had an argument, and someone who would laugh even when it seems everything is going wrong. Another thing I find I love more and more about Andrew is his willingness to sacrifice. I mean, it's not a small decision to uproot and leave everything and everyone he's ever known to move to the South where he knows no one and nothing. I love him more and more everyday and I can't wait to see what adventures we have in this next year!

(Photography by Taryn Ruuth)

Andrew and I were married in a simple church building in St. George, Utah. We were not initially married in the temple like many LDS couples do. We waited a year to go through the temple together once Andrew had received the priesthood and we felt worthy to go through. 

That seems to be a hang up with a lot of people in understanding the LDS temples. The whole worthiness part. We believe that the Temple is the House of the Lord, the closest place to Heaven on this Earth. Church buildings are where we have weekly Sacrament, Sunday School, and classes for separate age groups. 

We believe that the things that are taught and the covenants that are made within the temple to be most sacred. If you were giving away priceless diamonds and jewels, you wouldn't want to give them away to just anyone. You would want only those that were worthy of receiving something of such worth and value. This is also true for our temples. Heavenly Father can only give the blessings of the temple to those that have worked to get their lives in order with His teachings. 

Many people also wonder why Mormons are so "secretive" about what exactly goes on in temples. And to answer this, this video is an AWESOME response. It's kind of lengthy, but if you ever had any questions about LDS temples, this video answers them!


The first time Andrew and I went through the temple, it was overwhelming. You learn A LOT about life, where you came from, and where you are going. But each time that we've been back, it is a special treat of peace away form this world.

 There's no stressful things to be done, there's no crying children, there's no sadness. 

There is joy in the knowledge of eternal life. There is peace and stillness. There are beautiful rooms filled with Heavenly Father's love. 

And I can't wait for my next trip there. 

To learn more about LDS temples and the Mormon religion, check it all out here!


P.S. Shout out to my beautiful sister-in-law, Taryn, who is going to the temple to take out her endowments this weekend. We are SO excited and proud of you! Wish we could be there! Love and miss you!

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