The Real Deal Mardi Gras King Cake

My mom has been making this super delicious recipe for as long as I can remember. This recipe is not easy if you do it right, but oh man is it worth it. So let's begin. 

Notice that it is fully mixed when the sides of the bowl are completely clean
Before and after the dough rising. The bigger the better.
While the dough is rising, make the filling. The pecans and cinnamon make
 it super yummy so don't omit those yummy ingredients!

After you've rolled your dough out, butter the top and add a layer of sugar and cinnamon (it makes it super yum), then add the filling on the bottom side of the dough.

Roll from the bottom up. It should look like this after it's rolled
Put your rolled dough onto a baking pan. Pinch the two sides together so they make a circle.
Here is what it looks like after you let it rise
While you're letting it bake, make the frosting. This is about the consistency it should be. The marshmallow cream makes this so super delicious.
And here it is, nice golden brown right out of the oven. 
Traditionally we add a baby in the cake. Whoever gets the slice with the baby has to bring the next King Cake to the next party!

And once it's cooled, you just frost and sprinkle on the colored sugar! (And we add a few extra decorations for fun). 

Now you dig in and enjoy! Blast some fun Mardi Gras music and party hard!


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