Sunday Afternoons

We have mixed emotions about 9 AM church. We have to get up so early to get ourselves and Mr. Oliver ready all in time to leave 30 minutes before church so we can actually make it in good timing. But on the up-side, we have a whole afternoon to be lazy and just be together.

 (this is what it looks like most of the time though)

Every year these purple "weeds" grow in our backyard and all over the state just blanketing everyone's lawn in purple. One thing I hope to teach Oliver is to appreciate the beauty around us no matter where you are. Life seems to be so much brighter when you stop to appreciate the little things, even if they are just purple weeds. I think if we all had a little more gratitude for life and all its wonders, we would find ourselves in much happier places. 

Sundays in the LDS church are set aside for being with loved ones and doing the Lord's work. Strengthening our family definitely falls in both of those categories.

But the truth is, I love to do that everyday of the week!


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