Henry B. Eyring - Not Preparation Enough

I really love the quotes you can find all over Pinterest, but there's so many more quotes that we need to read and be reminded of! So I'm just making some here and there for fun and for those that need a little uplifting for the day!

One thing I have learned in being a Mormon is that there is always something more you can do to spiritually grow. In the Mormon religion, we don't believe that learning is limited to our time spent here on Earth. We believe that we learned before our existence here and we will continue to learn on into the eternities. 

I know I have been personally guilty of doing the minimum just to get by. I think we all go in and out of being spiritually strong and spiritually plateaued on a daily basis. It's so easy to just say to ourselves, "Oh, it's been a long day, we'll just read a couple verses to say we read our scriptures today". 

But how can we expect to lift our families when they are in a rut when we ourselves are not fully embracing the Gospel of Christ? As a mother of an 8 month old infant, some days I wonder if the days where I lack spiritually rub off on my little one. My fuse tends to be shorter and my patience runs much thinner. I find myself wanting to do other things that are lesser on my priority list rather than raising my child (curse you candy crush!). How can I expect my younger brothers to follow Christ when they are in times of weakness when I don't always get down and pray as fervently as I should for them?

I hope that we can each, no matter what religion, be a little more diligent in our own welfare before trying to strengthen each other. So today, feast over the scriptures instead of just making a check on your to-do list. Pray more about your life than just a quick prayer over the food. God wants to hear you just like parents need to hear from their children that moved away from home. 

Let's all try to be better in our faith today.


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